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Nieuw van Zaldi: de DRIM ATLANTA

Helemaal samen te stelen voor paard en ruiter.

Top kwaliteit Europees natuurlijk leer, sterker en flexibel.
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In Zaldi we consider the saddle as the joint element between horse and rider.

Following our T+T Tradition and Technology premise, into this cool new collection we have incorporated leading technological developments together with the most advanced veterinary and medical research, additionally applying the guidelines of the greatest saddle-fitters of international prestige. 50 years of experience as saddlers and our condition of manufacturers, allow us to launch this new line of customized saddles ¡We are saddlers!

The innovative dressage saddle ATLANTA of the picture has been manufacture with CHANGE saddletree (exchangeable gullets), deep for dressage, made of polypropylene EPDM. Saddletree guaranteed for 10 years. The new DUAL DENSITY anatomical tree for horse and rider allows for many features of rigidity, deformation and absorption of energy where needed in different areas. The new tree has the ability to adjust completely to the back of the horse. It expands and spreads the rider's weight over the horse's back, so avoiding pressure points. The top side of the tree has been optimized in design (0.5cm thick) for rider comfort, it is elastic, absorbs shock and allows free passage of the horse's energy. The rider contact area is ergonomically designed, lifting the lateral areas to release pressure on the urethra, so avoiding possible health problems in later years and allowing full and unrestricted blood flow.

With 5-multiposition stirrup bar. With extracomfortable seat with White piping, stitching and cantle.

Made from boxcalf leather. Short intelligent panels, whither pad incorporated. Consisting of 1cm layer 'memory foam' wither pad with moisture resistant wool filling to avoid lumps or voids.

With a long ergonomic dressage flap and Londres type knee pad sewn outside the flap.

Long dressage girth straps, with the position of multiposition girth straps for an easy and quick change.

The saddle of the picture is customized with the option "special saddle for woman", 1cm wider between pipings, for adapting and protecting the feminine pelvic area.

Also available the standard width for men.

Knee rolls type. The saddle of the picture has been manufactured with TM-System (Thigh block), but you can choose among all these types of kneerolls:

Zadel met een diepe zit maar comfortabel voor de ruiter
Ergonomisch gevormd zweetblad met een dubbel gevormde kniewrong voor een vrije en ondersteunende zit voor de ruiter.
Flexibele thermoplastische boom in combinatie met de wolgevulde kussens geven ruiter en paard een gevoel van close contact.

Spectacular saddle, good qualities to make it different among other dressage saddles. Excellent leather, flexible tree, ergonomic design... to have free movement, closer contact, confidence. The best professional riders bet for it.

Material: New european natural leather, more resistant and flexible. Latex seat very deep but comfortable. New flap design. Ergonomic dressage flap. Wool panel with rubber stopper. Knee pad in 2 positions. Air inside of knee pad. Tree of polypropylene elastic and resistant. Short stainless steel stirrup bar at an inclination 15%. Long girths straps with "V" system. Front girth strap to hold back horse. Sizes: Rider 16" 16,5" 17" 17,5 18" y 19" Horse: from 28 to 34 cms.

Colour: at present, to besides the classical colors black, brown, london, dark london, havanna; it is possible to make multiple combinations in leather, threads, piping and edge strips…

With a very deep and comfortable tree, this saddle allows a maximum close contact rider-horse. New stirrup bar at an inclination 15% to get a correct position for rider. New ergonomic design (long flaps) with double knee pad to ride in 2 different positions. Mixed panel, waterproof antisweat wool and rubber latex to balance the horse back. Long girth straps with "V" system. Special flexible, elastic and durable leather is used to make this special saddle.

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