Kleding en accessoires / IJslandse truien en vesten

Gerdur Kristjansdottir founded Icelandic Design in 1980 with a vision to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted sweaters, which would celebrate a woman's creativity and independent spirit. Growing up in Iceland, hand made crafts such as knitting, crocheting and embroidery were a part of her everyday life. Icelandic Design was born from Gerdur's entrepreneurial spirit combined with her love of natural fibers and luxurious embellishments such as hand embroidery, ribbons and finely crafted buttons. As a young girl, Gerdur collected wool from the sheep on her family's farm to knit sweaters, which were sold throughout Iceland.

Icelandic Design's inspiration is spurred by the beauty and power of spectacular landscapes, the decorative arts throughout history, and the heritage of European textiles. Since its establishment in North America over twenty years ago, Icelandic Design has attracted a loyal following of women to whom artistry in knitwear is essential. Today, millions of women look forward to viewing the new Icelandic Design Collections as they unfold each season.

Women's roles are constantly being redefined in today's world, and Icelandic Design maintains a commitment to bring out the qualities in women that should stay clear- creativity, femininity, independence, passion and intellect.

Niet alle modellen zijn afgebeeld.