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Nieuw van Zaldi: de MOT

Helemaal samen te stelen voor paard en ruiter.

Top kwaliteit Europees natuurlijk leer, sterker en flexibel.


In Zaldi we consider the saddle as the joint element between horse and rider.

Following our T+T Tradition and Technology premise, into this cool new collection we have incorporated leading technological developments together with the most advanced veterinary and medical research, additionally applying the guidelines of the greatest saddle-fitters of international prestige. 50 years of experience as saddlers and our condition of manufacturers, allow us to launch this new line of customized saddles ¡We are saddlers!

Versatile dressage saddle, fully customizable to rider and horse measurements. Choose saddletree, size (rider and horse), stirrup bars, seat & seat depth, flaps leather, channel width, type of panels (long, short, multiposition&refillable), panels options (standard, anatomical, dropped panel), kneepad system (TM-System, with Velcro or sewn), kneepad type, configuration of the dressage girth straps (in "V", parallel, multiposition), color, or even the option of special saddle for woman.

The saddle MOT in the picture has been manufactured with a fixed semideep dressage saddletree, made in polypropylene EPDM. Saddletree guaranteed for 10 years.

With 5-multipositional safety stirrup bar. Extra-comfortable seat. With white piping, stitching and cantle.

Made of boxcalf leather, with short woolen panels. With anatomical panels and first girth strap elasticated.

Long dressage flaps with Kira Klass type knee pad, sewn outside the flap.

Long dressage girth straps, with the position of multiposition girth straps for an easy and quick change.

Available sizes:
- Rider: 17" - 17,5" - 18"
- Horse: from 28 to 34 cm

Colours: Black, Havana, Brown, Dark London.

-Measurement of the seat: 44.5cm, from the cantle to the Zaldi nail.
-Length of the panel in the underside: 49cm
-Length of the flap (down from the stirrup bar): 42cm
-Kneepad: 30cm high x 6cm wide x 4.5cm projection
-Saddle Support Area: 44cm
-Weight: 7.000kgs
Prijs per stuk:
€ 1.590,00
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