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Nieuw model Dressuur Zadel Royal Profunda.
Zaldi presenteerd dit nieuwe dressuur zadel Royal Doma Profunda, een mooie prijs kwaliteit verhouding.

New Zaldi Dressage Saddle Royal Doma Profunda.
Basic Dressage Saddle. A must-have!

Zaldi presents the new dressage saddle Royal Doma Profunda: an inexpensive option of our reknown brand. A basic dressage saddle that offers the fundamental features for an improvedriding. Made in Spain, it is a versatile saddle with good value for money.

Designed with a deep tree that offers the rider a great balance, rubber latex panels and the renowed Zaldi saddle tree made of polypropylene, so it also includes the 10-year guarantee, the same as all Zaldi saddles. 

Available initially in sizes 17”, 17,5” and 18”, and in black and brown colours (for more sizes and colours ask us before placing your order). 

Additionally, depending on the needs of the rider, it can be ordered with the innovative TM-SYSTEM or Thigh Block for a small additional cost. 

Thought for all types of riders, made versatile for the introduction to the dressage or for riding schools. 

Most of the models in this same range are not made Spain. But our model Royal Doma Profunda is MADE IN SPAIN, like all Zaldi saddles.

Prijs per stuk:
€ 974,00
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