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KARAT-CHANGE, based in New Kent with head exchange technology Gullet System type.

The system offers a means of altering the width of the tree with exchangable metals. Gullet System measuring gauge (colour code): RED Narrow (28 cm) - BLUE: Medium Narrow (30 cm ) - BLACK: Medium (32cm ) - GREEN: Wide (33 cm) - YELLOW: Extra Wide (34 cm).

KARAT-CHANGE, based in New Kent: In a rider's meeting, experimented and professional ones as much as amateurs deviced to raise the backside of the saddle and to place the front pad outside, an unusual fact in that time. With that they approached to the most fitting position for the rider, which all the rider dreamt. Thus, the saddle ZALDI NEW KENT was created, which has had a great acceptance for years on the ride's side. This saddle is ideal for dressage, for professional or amateurs, besides its indisputable quality-cost relationship.

Material: it is made from european selected leather of box-calf and vegetal crupon. Knee pad. Latex rubber seat. Straight flap. Panel made of wool. Tree made of special material, using the latest modern tecnology. Tree semi-deep dressage. Short safety stainless steel stirrup bars. Long girth straps.

At present, besides the classical colors; it is possible to make multiple combinations in leather, threads, piping and edge strips… For example, this saddle pic is only black leather.

Size: Rider 16" 16,5" 17" 17,5" 18" - Horse from 28 to 34 cm. NOTE: The saddle comes with interchangeable head 32 cm (black), but it can be ordered with interchangeable head you want.

Change Metal (GS system)
In the front of the saddle we will find two screws, once unscrewed we open the Velcro to get to the front of the tree, where the metal is placed.

Proceed to unscrew the metal and replace it with the new one. Once the new metal is screwed, observe that the tree is set to the new width of the metal.

Close the velcro and screw the outside screws.
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